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LK-1903BB This new model is provided with two new functions; i.e., “bird’s nest preventing function” and “shorter-thread remaining function”. This is the world’s first lockstitch button sewing machine provided with both of these two functions.

LK-1903B The machine achieves sewing speed of 2,700sti/min. The machine’s starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting speeds have been increased to significantly shorten total cycle time.

LK-1903B/BR35 With our original horizontal forced feed mechanism, the button carrier sets a button in position so that the operation is simplified. Furthermore, operator fatigue is reduced since what operator needs to do is only setting material and pressing a pedal.


Caractéristiques Machine pose bouton industrielle JUKI LK-1903B

Model name LK-1903BB LK-1903B LK-1903B/BR35
Max. sewing speed 2,700sti/min 2,700sti/min 2,700sti/min
Max. stitch length 0.1~10mm(0.1mm step) 0.1~10mm(0.1mm step) 0.1~10mm(0.1mm step)
Needle DP×17(#11) DP×17(#14) DP×17(#14)
Button Size Type : Round-shaped, flat button Size:φ8~φ20mm 301:φ8~φ20mm> Type : Round-shaped, flat button Size:φ8~φ32mm 301:φ8~φ20 302:φ10~φ20 Option:φ15~φ32 Round-shaped, flat button (2-holed, 4-holed) Size:φ9~φ20mm For small button:φ10~φ15 For medium-sized button:φ10~φ18 (Those that are smaller than φ10mm or larger than φ18mm must be specially ordered.) Thickness:1.8~3.5mm
Number Of Patterns For Standard Stitching 34 patterns 50 patterns 50 patterns
Custom Pattern Memory Capacity 200 patterns 200 patterns 200 patterns

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